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PAYE Registration Services

Professional Assistance with PAYE Registration in South Africa

PAYE registration is compulsory for any employer that deducts tax from an employee’s salary. Tax Leaders can help you to comply with all requirements from the start.

PAYE Registration

Get Professional Help From Tax Leaders

Do not allow the very important administrative tasks of PAYE registrations to keep you from running your business. Let us help you to stay tax-compliant. Our team at Tax Leaders handle tax registrations, calculation assistance, monthly declarations, and more!


PAYE Registration & Other Deduction Services

At Tax Leaders, we understand that managing SARS registrations and deductions can be a complex and time-consuming task.

However, PAYE, UIF, SDL and other registrations and deductions are quick and easy when you make use of our professional tax consultancy services.

Monthly PAYE Registration Packages

We assist with PAYE Registration and monthly payroll.
  • PAYE, UIF, SDL Registration
  • EMP 201 Submissions
  • Preparing Electronic Tax Certificates
  • IRP 5 Certificates
  • IT3 Certificates
  • PAYE, SDL, UIF Declaration & Submission
  • 24/7 Support

What You Need to Know About PAYE Registration

The monthly payment must be made within seven days of the end of the period, during which you have deducted the amount. However, should the payment date coincide with a weekend date or a public holiday, you will have to make the payment the last working day before the weekend date or the public holiday.

Important Deductions

PAYE Registration also means that you must register your employees for UIF. You must deduct UIF, and pay the contributions to the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) on a monthly basis. Additionally, You must deduct PAYE and pay it to SARS on a monthly basis.

UIF Contribution

As an employer, you must deduct 1% of the employee’s salary, and pay 1% as an employer towards the Fund. This means that 2% per employee must be paid to the UIF every month. Invest in a good payroll system, or use our professional assistance in this regard to help your business stay payroll tax-compliant. Pay slips must accurately reflect deductions.

Tax Leaders assist with professional pay slips.

What if You Do Not Deduct PAYE?

If you have registered the employees for PAYE, then you must deduct the relevant amounts, and pay to SARS. If you do not deduct the PAYE, then your business must pay the PAYE that you have not deducted. Failure to comply with the requirement comes with a hefty penalty.

EMP501 Reconciliation

Did you know that you must also do an EMP501 reconciliation twice annually?

We understand that you want to focus on business growth rather than the tedious tax tasks. Fortunately, we love complex calculations, and certainly make it our business to help our clients stay tax-compliant. To this end, we are here to assist with the EMP501 reconciliation.

Monthly Declaration

Did you know that you must submit a monthly EMP201? It is a declaration required by SARS in which you state the total amount in addition to the allocations for SDL, UIF, and PAYE, and it is done using the EMP201 form. It is a type of payment declaration, and the amount you pay over to SARS corresponds with the declared amount.

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