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VAT Registrations

FAQ – VAT Registrations in South Africa

VAT registrations in South Africa are done with the South African Revenue Services (SARS). Registration becomes compulsory when your business income for the past 12 consecutive months has been more than R1 million or is likely to be more than the R1 million threshold for the period mentioned. This must be done within 21 days of submitting the application form.

What form to complete?

You need to complete the VAT 101 form and then submit it to your nearest SARS office.

Can one voluntary register for VAT?

Yes. If your business income for the last consecutive 12 months exceeded R50 000 you have the option of registering for VAT.

If I don’t have the time to visit a SARS office in person, can I ask someone else to submit the form at SARS?

Yes, you must visit the office in person or a registered tax consultant such as one of our consultants can do so on your behalf.

Can’t I post or send the application by fax?

No. The form must be submitted physically. You can only post the application if you are located too far from a SARS office or have a physical disability making it impossible to submit the application in person.

What is the single registration and how does it affect my VAT registration?

From May 2014 you only need to make one registration for tax and then can add on all the other registrations. It starts with the initial registration and applies to your income tax, company income tax, and VAT, PAYE and Customs & Excise registrations. You now have the benefit of having an overview of all the tax types at one location and can manage your personal details using the eFiling system in addition to the option of changing such at a SARS office. If you have registered for any of the taxes on eFiling it becomes easier to register for any of the other taxes.

How do I know whether I am registered as taxpayer?

You can call the SARS contact centre or ask our consultants to check whether you have been registered. If you are already registered you can log into eFiling and complete the VAT registration. However, changes to personal details must be submitted at a SARS office together with the required supporting documents. We can also handle the process on your behalf.

Why make use of our services?

We take the hassle out of VAT registrations, submission of personal detail changes and calculation of VAT. With a team of experts to answer your questions and ensure compliance with the various requirements, we help to minimise the time and effort involved.

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