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Step One: Go to Website

Enter the URL https://uifecc.labour.gov.za/covid19 into any web browser.

Step Two: Register as User

Register as a user by clicking on the “Register” button which appears on the top left of the application system homepage.

The employer will have to register as a user of the online platform by providing certain information such as, for example, the employer’s UIF reference number and then create a user password.

Step Three: Login Using User Profile

After successfully registering as a user by completing and submitting the above information, the employer will be prompted to further login by entering their UIF reference number as their username and their newly created password.

Step Four: Register as Employer

The employer will then have to further register by capturing its entity’s details including, for example, their PAYE number and chosen payment medium. After having captured these details, the employer will click the “Proceed” button at the bottom of the registration page.

Step Five: Accept Terms and Conditions of Memorandum of Agreement between UIF and Employer

The employer will then have to accept the terms and conditions of the relevant MOA, which will be displayed on the screen, by clicking “Accept”.

Step Six: Accept Terms and Conditions of the Letter of Undertaking

The same process will then have to be followed in respect of the terms and conditions provided in the Letter of Undertaking.

Step Seven: Confirmation of Bank Details

The employer will then have to confirm their bank account details by uploading a PDF document of their bank confirmation in the form of a latest bank statement.

Step Eight: Capturing Affected Employees’ Details

The employer will then have to enter the relevant details of their affected employees, in this regard the employer has an option of doing so by either uploading CSV files (which are Microsoft excel templates provided by the UIF and which have to be converted to CSV files) or capturing their affected employees’ individual details on the online platform.

Step Nine: Wait for Email Confirmation

Once the above has been completed, the employer should be directed to a page providing: “Employee details has been successfully loaded. An email will be sent to client once a claim has been processed.

Although this online application process is a commendable initiative on the part of the UIF in expediting the application process, the employer should be cautioned that it potentially removes the possibility of re-negotiation of unfavorable terms in the MOA by omitting a step providing an employer with the option to do so. Should employers need assistance in dealing with these issues they should seek further legal advice in this regard.