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Tax Assistance

Tax Assistance from the Professionals!

If you are looking for professional tax assistance in South Africa, you have come to the right place. We understand that you might have a few unanswered questions when it comes to tax submissions and responsibilities in SA and below are a few FAQs that might help you:

  • Must I Complete an Individual Tax Return? It is compulsory to register for tax if you earn a salary or commission. If you earn less than R350 000 for one employer per year, you do not need to submit a return (a few other terms and conditions apply too).
  • What is a Tax Rebate?
    This is a tax refund. This is paid over from SARS to the individual when the tax amount due is less than the amount that was paid by the individual.
  • What are the Important Deadline Dates for Tax Returns?
    – Provisional and non-provisional returns at a SARS branch: November 25, 2016.
    – eFiling non-provisional returns: November 25, 2016.
    – Provisional tax payers via eFiling: January 31, 2017.
  • What Deductions am I Allowed as an Individual?
    This is a question that we are often asked. While specific terms and conditions apply, in most instances the following deductions are allowed: donations, pension fund contributions, travel costs, retirement plans, medical aid costs and study-from-home costs. It is best to discuss the details of potential deductions with us to ensure that you are only submitting returns with deductions that are allowed.

Acquiring professional tax assistance from a registered tax firm can really simplify the tax submission process for you. With the right tax consultant, you can enjoy a speedy and hassle-free submission. Specialist tax consultants will ensure that you are advised on all the supporting documentation required for your submission, will complete your return and ensure that you are provided with documentation to prove it.

While tax season in South Africa began in July 2016, there are still millions of tax payers that still have to complete and submit their returns. We are always available for advice and guidance when it comes to tax submissions. Our professional team of tax consultants will provide you with the type of personalised attention that you need and will take the stress out of tax season for you.

If you would like tax assistance for your 2016 tax submission, take the time to contact us at Tax Leaders. Give us a call or send us an email for further advice and guidance today.