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Tax and Accounting Help


Tax and Accounting Help from the Experts

When it comes to managing the business, one of the most important aspects to consider is having an accurate accounting system. Not only is this a requirement for your business, but it is also essential if you want to have accurate information at your disposal. This is essential if you would like to make important business decisions, which is why tax and accounting help from a professional team is always a great benefit to have.

Hiring an accounting team could be a great idea for a new business as there are many benefits involved. Firstly, you will save a significant amount of money as you will not have to hire your own in-house accounting team. You can also benefit from having a professional accounting team immediately available that can assist your business with all the tax and accounting help you need. You will not have to install any expensive software programs either, making it even more affordable to hire an external team.

Professional Tax and Accounting Help

Professional tax and accounting help can provide you with a variety of accounting services including payroll assistance, business registrations, management accounts, tax clearance applications, cash flow projections, as well as your day to day bookkeeping needs. This is a great benefit for any company to have as accounting can often become challenging, especially when it comes to staying on top of the latest developments and updates from SARS. You want to be compliant at all times, which is why you should hire a professional accounting team that knows exactly how to maintain your company’s accounts.

In addition to tax and accounting help, you can also benefit from other services like secretarial support as well as business registration services. Registering a new business can be challenging for some people and they need professional help, which is why your accounting team can help you with the entire process. This includes everything from drawing up a business plan to opening a bank account and registering with SARS.

If you work with Taxleaders.Net you can expect to benefit from secretarial services like company registrations, name changes for companies, general bookkeeping, CIPC disclosures, as well as amendments. We can also provide tax assistance and this includes annual tax returns, provisional tax, capital gains tax, tax clearance certificates, as well as tax queries at SARS. This allows us to provide you with a wide variety of services to benefit both yourself and your company and to make sure that you’re always compliant.

Becoming BEE Compliant

If you own a business there are many benefits to becoming BEE compliant. There are various BEE levels and you can also be registered as being exempt. An Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME) is seen as a business with an annual turnover of less than R5 million. These businesses will be seen as a Level 4 Contributor on the BEE scale with procurement recognition of 100%. If this EME is more than 50% black owned, it will be promoted to a Level 3 Contributor on the BEE scale.

Your BEE rating can make a significant difference in your business; especially if you have a high rating as this shows that your business is compliant and promotes development across many channels. You can definitely benefit by being eligible for government contracts and other tenders from larger organisations which is definitely a boost for any growing business.

Taxleaders.Net provides professional tax and accounting help to clients throughout South Africa. We have decades of combined experience and our team is ready to assist you with all of your accounting needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you to make the most out of your business.

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