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Personal Tax Return Services

Personal Tax Return Services By Industry Professionals

At Tax Leaders, we understand that managing payroll services can be a complex and time-consuming task for businesses of all sizes. That’s why we’re here to simplify the process and ensure your employees are paid accurately and on time, every time.

Personal Tax Return Services

Accredited Professional Personal Tax Returns in South Africa

Personal tax returns are mandatory if you work for a salary and earn above the minimum threshold. However, instead of looking at the process as a complicated task and something to be dreaded, have Tax Leaders handle the process.

Therefore, you will be able to focus on life, rather than the red tape associated with having an income.

Our team at Tax Leaders help you gain insight into tax liabilities, appropriate ways to reduce your tax, and ways to be tax efficient. Additionally, we complete and submit personal income tax returns, thereby helping you to reduce the stress of staying tax compliant.

Personal Tax Return Services With Taxleaders


1. Taxleaders is a leading provider of personal tax return services in South Africa.
2. They offer a wide range of services, including the completion and submission of personal income tax returns, provisional tax returns, and capital gains tax calculations.
3. Their team of experienced tax practitioners can help you to legally structure your income, deduct allowable deductions, and claim your rebate as and where relevant.

Do not lose hope if you are struggling to complete your personal tax return or any other tax related issues. We are here to assist.

Taxleaders offer an extensive range of personal income tax services. Some of the services on offer and which can be to your benefit include:

  • Completion of your yearly personal income tax returns.
  • Submitting such returns on your behalf.
  • Following up and notifying you of payment due to SARS.
  • Assistance in registering you for personal income tax return or provisional tax.
  • Completion, calculation, and submission of your provisional tax returns.
  • Tax guidance and assistance with tax planning.
  • Communication with the South African Revenue Services regarding assessments, objections, and payments of penalties.
  • Tax and estate planning assistance.
  • Capital Gains Tax calculation, guidance, and information.
  • Income tax assessment reviews.
  • Submission of queries and following up on such.
  • Completion of your outstanding tax returns for previous years.
  • Communicating with SARS regarding deferred payment of taxes and penalties.

Personal Tax Return Services At Affordable Rates


Many taxpayers do not claim deductions they are entitled to. Simply because they do not understand which deductions are allowed.

Our team of registered tax practitioners at Tax Leaders keep up to date with changes in legislation, regulations, and the income tax table.

Personal Tax Return Services

Quick & Easy Tax Return Solutions
  • SARS eFiling Profile Creation
  • Free Tax Number Search
  • Income Tax Registration
  • Submission of Tax Return
  • Specialist Tax Advice To Improve Tax Refund

Choosing Us For Your Tax Return

We work with such on a daily basis. Therefore, making it our focus to ensure our clients benefit from our expertise. Rather than just completing your personal income tax returns, we provide you with advice on tax structuring as part of our services. Therefore, you can legally structure income, deduct allowable deductions, and claim your rebate as and where relevant.

Each deduction is in line with what SARS requires. Additionally, we advise you regarding the keeping of a logbook, vouchers, and income and expenditure sheet.

Tax Leaders help you to avoid penalties associated with incorrect completion of personal income tax returns or late submissions.

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