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5 Convincing Reasons to Outsource Your Payroll Function

Making use of our payroll services holds several benefits for your company, some of which are briefly discussed below.

  1. Save Time

Handling monthly accounting and payroll processing in-house takes time and money. You have to employ personnel to manage the tasks and they have to spend time doing so when you could have used their skills elsewhere. In addition, if you run a smaller company, it forces you to focus on the administrative side of owning a business instead of on core business processes to generate income. By making use of our payroll services, you are able to focus on business growth activities and can have fewer employees.


  1. Reduce Costs

Already mentioned above, there are costs involved in handling salary calculations, deductions, and taxes in-house. Apart from the human resources used, you also have to consider hidden costs such as computers, electricity, space taken up by employees specifically employed for the purpose of payroll processing, printing, signing and distribution of salary slips, and more. We can handle as little or as much of the payroll management needed as part of our extensive range of accounting, tax, and payroll services.


  1. Improve Accuracy

Nothing can be more frustrating for employees than getting incorrect payslips, being paid late or struggling to get tax certificates. When you make use of our payroll services, you benefit from accurate payroll processing, on time payment of salaries, correct deductions and submissions to SARS, and annual reconciliation of the payroll. With the risk of mistakes eliminated, your company is far less likely to be subjected to SARS audits. We calculate the payroll taxes, manage the submissions, and ensure payments are made in time as part of our comprehensive range of tax, accounting, and payroll services.


  1. Get Expert Guidance

Would you rather have someone work with the payroll that has only a basic understanding of taxes and accounting, or would you prefer experts to manage the task? With our professionals handling the payroll calculations, you benefit from having expert guidance to ensure compliance with legislative requirements. In addition, we are here to answer your questions and help you keep up to date with changes in payroll and tax requirements.


  1. Improve Information Security

If one of your employees working with the payroll function becomes disgruntled, they can easily share confidential information with third parties. An employee can embezzle funds or make changes to information without authorisation. When you make use of our tax and payroll services, you also enhance the information security management in your company. The risk of information leaks or fraud is thus eliminated.

Reap the above and many other benefits by making use of our extensive range of tax and payroll services. Contact us today for more information.