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Non-profit Company Registrations

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Non-profit Company Registrations Made Easy with Taxleaders.net

Do you need to register a non-profit company? If you have a passion for a cause, starting a non-profit could be just the right answer for you. An vehicle for entrepreneurs who wish to make a positive change in the world, a non-profit company can be an inspiring way to give back to your community and help those in need, but first things first: you are going to have to register it first.

As companies where earnings may not benefit individuals or stakeholders, non-profits exist solely to provide programmes and services that are of public benefit such as charities, economic development, education, research or social welfare. Recognised as a legal entity separate from its members, just like public companies, non-profits are required to comply with filing annual returns set out by the Companies Act. While starting any type of organisation is an exciting venture, getting it registered and off the ground can be challenging, and that is why we exist. If you are looking for expert assistance with non-profit company registrations, then you are at the right place.

We Make Non-profit Company Registrations Effortless

Focussed on the success of our clients, we are an accounting, tax and secretarial company that offer registration assistance to start-ups situated anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere. We make a somewhat complex process that can easily take up to two weeks simply and straightforward. Offering a wide selection of inexpensive registration packages and taking care of all the paperwork so you don’t have to – simply choose the package that best suits your needs and give us your address and a few other details so we can do the rest. It really is that easy.

We Assist with Tax Clearance and Tax Exempt Certificates

At Taxleaders.net, not only do we know what it takes to start a business, but we also know just how tough it is to run one, especially where tax laws are concerned. While a non-profit does not necessarily qualify for any particular treatment in terms of the Income Tax Act, unless legislation stipulates otherwise, non-profits can apply to the South African Revenue Service for a tax-exempt status, known as Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) status. While this allows non-profits to reap tax benefits, they are still required to file tax returns each year.

With more than 30 years’ SARS experience, can help you obtain a tax-exempt status and ensure that you are compliant with all laws and regulations. Through analysis, evaluation, and a high level of customer care, we can help you to become more financially stable, build your business and achieve financial success.