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Need Help with Pty Registrations?

Need Help with Pty Registrations? Turn to Taxleaders.Net!

A dream for many, there is nothing quite as rewarding as starting your very own company, and considering that we live in a consumer driven society – there has never been a more exciting time to do it than now. Starting a new business is easy, in fact, there are many new businesses springing up every day all across South Africa. All it takes is one great idea and your business can flourish into a successful and profitable empire. If you’re looking to jump on the entrepreneurial bandwagon, then your first step to starting your own company will be to register a Pty.

The South African Companies Act of 2008 provides for two types of Pty registrations, namely non-profit and profit companies – and registering a company before you start trading is a process required by the law. If you’re at a loss of where to go and what documents you need to fill out – don’t stress, because if you need help with Pty registrations, then we at Taxleaders.Net can do it all for you!

Focussed on the success of our clients, we are a small accounting, tax and secretarial company situated in Gauteng that offer assistance to all new entrepreneurs that need help with Pty registrations. At Taxleaders.Net, we make the entire registration process, easy, fast, and convenient. A process that can take anywhere between 7 days and 2 weeks, all we require from you is your address, officer details (Director and Secretary), share capital details, shareholder details, five unique names in an order of preference, and your payment. Keep in mind that your company doesn’t have to have a name when it is registered and can trade under its registration number until you have decided on one. However, make sure that your reserved names are available, as you will be required to choose one of them.

Striving to give each customer the kind of Pty registration that they expect and deserve, at Taxleaders.Net, we are great believers in upholding solid values and maintaining long-lasting relationships with our valued clients. With many years of experience and sound knowledge behind us, not only do we know what it takes to start a business, but we also know what it takes to run one. Committed to your success, once we’ve registered your Pty, we can also assist you with your BEE Exempt Certification, Income Tax registrations at SARS, Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) registrations, VAT registrations at SARS, and Workman’s Compensation Fund Registrations.

Promising a fast and effective service, we do our best to simplify the registration process for our clients. If you need help with Pty registrations, don’t delay and contact us today! You could be the proud owner of a thriving company before you know it!

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