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Company Registrations Gauteng

Quick and Easy Company Registrations in Gauteng

With Gauteng being the business hub of South Africa, thousands of new company registrations take place in the province annually. Getting your company registered can be an extremely frustrating process, if you do not have all of the supporting documents, information and experience to navigate through the red tape. Add to such, the frustration of having to wait in line to have the company registered and you will agree that it makes sense to use experts.

Indeed, every day you wait before registration and reservation of the name means not being able to operate the business, and branding is also delayed. In a province such as Gauteng, where competition is fierce, you cannot afford to delay name reservation, as another applicant may take your three top choices, leaving you with the least desirable options.

Our professional team handles company registrations on a daily basis and will provide you with all of the details that you need about how the process works. By outsourcing this function to the experts, you minimise the risk of mistakes during this crucial phase of getting your business off the ground.

The Process

We can register the company quickly according to the requirements of the New Companies Act of 2008. Note that you can no longer register a Close Corporation and must register one of the new format companies. You can register one of the following profit companies:

  • Private company – Pty (Ltd)
  • Personal liability company – Incorporated
  • State owned company – SOC Ltd
  • Public company – Ltd

You can also register a non-profit organisation. You do not need to do name reservation, but the company will then operate under its registration number. Complete the application form and submit certified copies of the member/director’s identity documents. In the case of foreign nationals, you will need to submit certified copies of the passports and affidavits, which include details such as name, passport number, nationality and intention of registering a business in the country.

Name Reservation

Select a memorable and easy-to-use name, and make sure that you spell the company name correctly on the application form. Provide us with five names, in the order of preference, and add a full description to the company name. Ensure name approval by choosing a name consisting of more than one word. Avoid the usage of a name that can offend (foul language, race, gender or religious discrimination) and select a name that does not infringe on an existing trademark. This means selecting a unique name. For this reason, we require three to five names.

Contact us today to help you with your company registrations in Gauteng, the convenient, fast and effective way.

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