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Company Registrations

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Excellent Specials on Company Registrations

Starting your own business in South Africa is an exhilarating venture. As one of the most diverse economies in the world today, South Africa not only has the highest GDP in Africa, but it is also the most industrious. But just as exciting as it is, starting a new business can also be quite stressful. However, before you are able to open up your doors for trading, you will need to legally register your company.

We Offer Excellent Company Registration Specials

Whether your business is small, medium or large, nowadays, business is extremely competitive and first-time entrepreneurs need all the support and assistance that they can get from professionals who can provide effective, punctual, reliable and trustworthy services to help their business grow and succeed. At Taxleaders.Net, we make company registrations easy, straightforward and convenient. A process that can take anywhere from 7 days to 2 weeks, at Taxleaders.Net, we offer a wide selection of company registration packages that include PTY registrations of private, public, co-op, non-profit, and share block. Furthermore, we can also assist you with company conversions, name reservations, share allotments, shelf companies, sole proprietorships and special resolutions.

We Can Also Assist You with a Variety of Tax Services

At Taxleaders.Net, we are all the support and assistance that you need – not only do we know what it takes to start a business, but we also know just how tough it is to manage one on your own, especially when it comes to taxes and finances. With sound knowledge and with more than 30 years of SARS experience, not only can we assist you with company registrations, but we can also assist you with a variety of tax services that range from income tax registrations, tax clearance certificates, BEE exempt certificates, VAT registrations, PAYE registrations, unemployment insurance fund (UIF) registrations, workman’s compensation fund registrations, and import or export licenses, to BEE certifications.

At Taxleaders.Net, we are great believers in upholding solid values and maintaining long-lasting relationships with our valued clients. With the belief that your success is our success, we are committed to helping businesses throughout South Africa take their business to the next level. Bringing expertise, integrity and professionalism to every service that we offer, we take great pride in treating each client’s company registration and accounting and tax affairs as our own.

For a wide range of excellent specials on company registrations, professional accounting services, secretarial services, BEE certification services and more – contact us today

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